Sustain Develop

306090 Books, Volume #13, 2010
Contributions by Nataly Gattegno

ISBN 978-0692000885

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Sustain and Develop, the thirteenth volume from 306090 Books, investigates the contradictory yet potentially productive tension between our drive to develop and our growing realization that unregulated growth is eroding the natural ecology in which we live. Sustain and Develop asks if it still possible to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet needs of their own. How can developingcountries undergoing rapid urbanization processes be brought actively into the debate? How can developed countries, with their own postindustrial landscapes and shrinking populations, adapt to a redefined global economy? Sustain and Developprovides a forum to investigate the tangle of interwoven issues and relationships that hold potential answers to these questions.