The Anemone Canopy will be installed as a permanent public artwork in Albany, California in 2017. As of June 2016, the proposal has passed the Albany Arts Commission Review, the Planning and Zoning review, and was ultimately approved by the Albany City Council on 6/6/16.    

With the Anemone canopy, it is our intention to create an immersive pedestrian experience that transforms the everyday into something unexpected, inspiring and contemplative. We believe that a walk through a parking lot could be as extraordinary as visiting a botanical garden, museum or cathedral. The Anemone creates a restful place to engage in conversation with neighbors, or a moment of pause to enjoy the animated play of light and shadow created by the artwork’s intricate geometric structure. It was inspired in part by the California native Anemone plant. Known as the “windflower” or “daughter of the wind” (from the Greek word anemos - the wind), the plant’s long stems suspend delicate translucent petals of vibrant color. Another inspiration for the canopy was gothic fan vaults which give visitors the impression of walking through a light-filtering forest canopy, albeit constructed out of stone. 

Location: Albany, California; mid-block near the corner of San Pablo Ave and Monroe St. 
Date: Anemone will be permanently installed in 2017.
Commissioned by: City of Albany Public Art Program (link)
Developer: OppidanConsulting Architect: Lowney Architecture
Consulting Landscape Architect: TS Studio
Design: Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno, Ripon DeLeon.
Project Team: Jeff Maeshiro, Ji Ahn, Emily Saunders
Fabrication Partner: MACHINIC Digital Fabrication and Consulting, San Francisco
Budget: $125,000