Creative Architecture Machines 2014 @ CCA

Jason was thrilled to teach another CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE MACHINES studio this Fall 2014 semester at CCA San Francisco. Special thanks to co-teacher Michael Shiloh, the students that included UGrads, Grads and students from CCA's amazing MAAD Digital Craft program, and our collection of reviewers and various guests throughout the semester. Special thanks to the Architecture staff, folks in the CCA Hybrid Lab (supported by a generous grant from Intel) and the Rapid Prototyping Studio for their support throughout the semester. This semester the Digital Craft Lab also hosted the Creative Architecture Machines Colloquium which brought together an incredible line-up of speakers and participants.    

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12/6/2014 Final Reviewers:
Jerem Blum #throughglass, Google X; Marco Teran, 3D Systems; Mitchell Joachim, Terreform1 NYC; Mike Estee, Other Machine CoJonathan Proto, Bot & Dolly / Google; Sean Lally, Weathers - Chicago; Allison Arieff, SPUR / New York Times; Kendra Byrne,  Bot & Dolly / Google; Lian Eoyang, CCA / VIF; Mike Kuniavsky, XEROX PARCElizabeth Goodman, Confectious / UC Berkeley; Petr Novikov, IAAC Mini-BuildersLabori Construction Robotics; Fedor Novikov, Labori Construction Robotics; Peter Hirshberg, Gray Area Founder / ReImagine; Michael Sturtz, Crucible / Stanford University d-schoolSasha Leitman, Stanford University CCRMASteve Okay, Hacker; Scott Minneman, CCA / Onomy Labs.


Course Tittle: CREATIVE ARCHITECTURE MACHINES;   Term: Fall 2014
Institution: CCA - California College of the Arts, San Francisco, CA
Other Affiliations: CCA Digital Craft Lab
Instructors: Jason Kelly Johnson (Future Cities Lab & CCA) with Michael Shiloh (CCA)
Phase 02 Duration: 8 weeks (Oct 1-Dec 6, 2014)
Social Media Tags: #creativearchmachines #digitalcraftlab #ccarts #whodoesthat #sanfrancisco #futurecitieslab



Team: Clayton Muhleman, Alan Cation, Adithi Satish
Synopsis: Swarmscaper explores the potential of an autonomous swarm of robots capable of operating independently in hostile environments. Utilizing on-site materials to create inhabitable structures, the robotic swarm’s behavior materializes through a slow and constant process of layered 3d-printing.
Keywords: Mobile 3d Printer, Machine Vision, Extreme Environments, mutant materials
Open Source: Instructables Link (includes in-depth details, images, 3d files, code)
Hardware: custom 3d printed tank-style robot, dc motors, Arduino micro-controllers, peristaltic pump, X-Bee
Software: Arduino, Grasshopper, Firefly, Reactivision machine vision
Primary Fab Materials: Sawdust, Sand, custom glues and bio-resins  


CCA Student Team: Thomas Monroy, Taole Chen
Synopsis: The Sky Printer is an adaptable, cable-based delta-gantry system that can span large areas with a minimal footprint. The Sky Printer is designed for large- scale applications in potentially remote locations. It can be understood as the evolution of the conventional 3d-printer.
Keywords: Skycam 3D Printer, Deltabot Printer, Large scale 3D bio-printer
Open Source: Instructables Link (includes in-depth details, images, 3d files, code)
Hardware: Custom mobile deltabot style 3d printer, 3d printed stepper motor mounts,  TinyG micro-controllers, custom pneumatic pump
Software: Grasshopper, Firefly
Primary Fab Materials: Clay, sand, salt, bio-matter including seeds, worms, etc.  



CCA Student Team: Manali Chitre, Anh Vu, Mallory Van Ness
Synopsis: Terra-Spider is part of a wireless robotic system capable of designing, repairing, and maintaining vast landscapes over extended periods of time. Taking inspiration from current farming and remediation practices as well as land art projects, this proposal rethinks the way landscapes are addressed. By programming each robot to understand the given site conditions, and equipping it with tools to remove and place bio-matter, it begins to take on a life of its own, creating patterns in and shifting the soil to best address the specific site’s needs.
Keywords: Bio-remediation Robot, Hexapod robotics, Machine Vision, Landscape Robot 
Open Source: Instructables Link (includes in-depth details, images, 3d files, code)
Hardware: custom 3d printed / lasercut spider style robot, Arduino micro-controllers, dc motors, peristaltic pump, drill bit and motor, X-Bee
Software: Arduino, Grasshopper, Firefly, Reactivision machine vision
Primary Fab Materials: Bio-matter with Phytoremediation plant seeds


CCA Student Team: Prerna Auplish, Evan Bowman, Ryan Chen
Synopsis: Space Weaver is designed to create ultra-lightweight woven structures with fibrous materials. Using a 3-axis gantry system, woven forms are created in a similar process as most 3D printers, except they produce a significantly higher strength-to-weight ratio, result in zero waste, and require no support material. In short, Space Weaver is a seven foot tall 3D printer that uses carbon fiber and fiberglass to print five foot tall woven structures.
Keywords: Robotic Weaving, Column Weaver, Composite Printing, Carbon Fiber 3D Printing  

Open Source: Instructables Link (includes in-depth details, images, 3d files, code)
Hardware: Custom 3d weaving machine, 3d printed magnetic spindles, TinyG micro-controllers, modified Shapeoko hardware
Software: Grasshopper, Firefly
Primary Fab Materials: bio-resinated Carbon fiber, hemp, other threaded spools 


Team: Brett Petty and Meshal AlButhie
Synopsis: Live Forms revolutionizes the process of creating mass customizable formworks for construction. By allowing for a direct link between a parametric computer model and a robotic jig, a designer can iterate and explore a multitude of design potentials.
Keywords: Robotic Jig, Live form works, Concrete jig, Piston driven forms 
Open Source: Instructables Link (includes in-depth details, images, 3d files, code) 
Hardware: custom 3d printed robotic jig, Arduino Uno micro-controller, servo motors, 1/4 plywood, Latex
Software: Arduino, Grasshopper, Firefly
Primary Fab Materials: Plaster, concrete, resin, other related castable materials