Lightweave Mid-November Update

We are really excited to be entering into the final fabrication and testing phase of our Lightweave project for the NOMA district in Washington DC. Our shop and studio have been consumed by the artwork for many months. Below you will find some images from the Future Cities Lab Instagram feed documenting the last six weeks or so.

Some fun fabrication details: The Lightweave installation is broken into 6 sections - each section is a little over 65' long. Within each section there are ~26 doubled stainless steel tube "lattice modules" that are CNC bent then individually hand-welded here in our San Francisco shop. The LED aluminum U channels were created using a special die run at an aluminum mill, then CNC bent and anodized clear. Each sections 26 lattice modules (2 welded stainless steel loops, 1 lattice mounting plate, LED aluminum channel, LED strip and wiring) weighs between 22 - 32lbs (~25 lbs average) so they are easy to lift and bolt into the beam plates.

-Jason & Nataly (and the rest of the awesome team at Future Cities Lab!)