Future of Sport Stadium - USA Today

Future Cities Lab was excited to work with the visionary folks at Attention Span to help envision the future stadium for their clients Delaware North (the Jacob's family - best known as the owners of the Boston Bruins). Just ahead of the 2016 Super Bowl, the project got some recent press in the USA Today - gracing the front page of the Sports Section on 1/26/16!  

From the USA Today: The "Future of Sports" is a 50-page document that imagines what's ahead in the industry over the next 25 years. These are not so much predictions of what will happen as working versions of what could happen — provocative prognostications based on interviews with academics and futurists, all subject to inevitable revision as Father Time throws his customary curve balls."

The project team included: Jason Kelly Johnson, Jeff Maeshiro and Elaine Suh.