2325 Third Street, Suite #229
San Francisco, CA
94107 USA (map)

Phone: (415) 255-4879
General email: info@future-cities-lab.net
Press inquiries: press@future-cities-lab.net
Employment: work@future-cities-lab.net
*See our team page for person specific emails

Directions to Future Cities Lab - San Francisco:

We are at 2325 3rd St. (map) in the Dog Patch neighborhood of San Francisco (just south of the Giants Baseball Stadium, UCSF Mission Creek, and east of Potrero Hill). We are in the AIC / American Industrial Center building - the huge block-long red brick industrial building. The main entrance to the AIC is on 3rd Street closest to the 20th St intersection (directly across from the Third St / 20th Light Rail Muni Station). There is a lot of parking behind the building on Illinois St, across the street on Tennessee St, or along 20th St. Enter the front lobby at 2325 3rd St, 

then take the elevator to Floor 2 (not 2R!), then look for the black door marked #229. You can also enter through the loading dock at 960 Illinois St. and walk up to the second-floor.

** After hours access: If you are coming after 6 pm (or on the weekend) - when you get to the front door at 2325 3rd Street enter #059 into the intercom. We will then buzz you in. 


If you are interested in applying for employment or an internship please send us an email at: work@future-cities-lab.net. Please include the words "Employment Application" or "Intern Application" in the Subject line. Please include a resume and portfolio link or PDF that is under 10MB. Thanks! 


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