The Studio of Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno
*** Important Note: In Spring 2019 we will begin transitioning to our new name and website FUTUREFORMS !!! Stay Tuned for more details!

Future Cities Lab is AN ART AND design studio BASED IN San Francisco, CA.

Since 2005, founders Jason Kelly Johnson and Nataly Gattegno have collaborated on a range of projects exploring the intersections of art and design with public space, performance, advanced fabrication technologies, robotics, and responsive building systems. Future Cities Lab is an award-winning interdisciplinary studio employing an adventurous team of designers, architects, technologists, lighting designers, digital craftspeople, urban ecologists and more. 

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WE'RE HIRING!!! - Are you an amazing designer, fabricator, and/or manager? WE WANT YOU! 
SAN JOSE LEVITT PAVILION - ST. JAMES PARK with CMG, Arup, P&T (and YES! We have started the Schematic Design Phase!! Thank-you for asking ... !)
MURMUR WALL & LIGHTSWARM Installations at YBCA San Francisco