Lightcloud translate sounds from the highway underpass into 9 unique formations of dynamically patterned light. Slowly changing ambient effects are triggered by the sound of passing people, cyclists and cars from the two neighborhoods and I-880 above. Lightcloud animates the underpass with variable intensities of computer-controlled LED illumination and creates a meditative, interactive and playful experience for pedestrians. We believe that a walk through an underpass could be as extraordinary as visiting a botanical garden, art museum, or cathedral. It is a first step towards weaving the neighborhood together. Similar to the dancing motion of a Chinese celebration dragon, waves of light oscillate through Lightcloud. The quality and placement of lighting elements will enhance safety and comfort. Ambient light levels can also be increased during the evening and will enhance the overall ambiance of the area to ensure visibility of pedestrians by motorists.

Location: I-880 Madison Street Underpass, Oakland, CA. (Google Map Pin)
Date: 2018-19
Current Phase: Spring 2018 - Concept / Schematic Design Phase
Designers: Jason Kelly Johnson & Nataly Gattegno; Project Team: Jeff Maeshiro, Emily Saunders, Nat Abbott, Brian McKinney, Joel Frank; Engineer: Ben Corotis
Fabrication Partners: Nor Cal Metal Fabricators, Oakland; and MACHINIC Digital Fabrication and Consulting
Community Design Consultants: Helene Fried Associates in cooperation with Community Design + Architecture CD+A, Oakland
Key Stakeholders: Carmel Partners, City of Oakland / PAAC, Caltrans; Jack London, Chinatown


180312_LightCloud Site Plan by Future Cities Lab.JPG

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