FCL Announces Collaboration with Maramoja Projects, NL

Future Cities Lab is excited to announce a new collaborative agreement with the Dutch lighting and technology firm Maramoja Projects. This cooperation will help FCL to implement advanced projects in both Holland, Europe and also internationally. Maramoja was founded by Amsterdam-based technologist Herman ter Hennepe. He has collaborated with a number of internationally renowned artists, architects and art institutes including the Guggenheim Museum New York, Pinault Foundation and more recently with Studio Daan RoosegaardeNIO Architects and Thurlow-Small Architects on a number of urban interactive projects.

Beginning this summer, Future Cities Lab and Maramoja will collaborate on their finalist proposal for large urban installation in Assen, NL (located in northern Holland). 

"Maramoja Projects is the expert in the area of led-project integration. Whether the starting point of a new project is a simple sketch or a detailed 3D file, Maramoja Projectsconstructively participates in the whole project and thinks of every detail. In over 15 years, Maramoja Projects has realized a large number of led installations. Each project was different; however, each project had one constant factor: the level of difficulty. But let’s face it, if it were easy, anyone could do it. Delivery on time and on budget are just as important for Maramoja Projects as the state-of-the-art engineering. From artist impression to construction, Maramoja Projects stands for finding solutions and constructive improvisation. As unique projects do indeed require a unique approach."