Nataly and Jason interviewed for the World Economic Forum website

Nataly and Jason were interviewed by Ian Klaus for his article: "Diplomats and designers are key to solving climate change. Here’s how they think we can do it". The interview brought together designers and diplomats to discuss the future of cities in light of environmental change and policy. Nataly and Jason were in discussion with Jonathan Pershing, the former Special Envoy for Climate Change at the US Department of State and lead US negotiator to the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change, and now director of the Environment Program at the Hewlett Foundation.

From the website: "Diplomacy and design are both science and art, technical professions that adhere to the rules of politics and physics but celebrate charisma and creativity. The two disciplines are rarely in conversation, lacking common language and institutions. Nonetheless, diplomats and designers increasingly take up the same questions and challenges from terrorism to sustainable development and climate change."  (Ian Klaus)